The Pocket Referee

Introducing the Peacemaker Let the Ref settle the dispute! Let the Ref settle the dispute! Let the Ref settle the dispute!

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  • Antique Brass Pocket Referee
  • Special Edition Gold Finish Pocket Referee
What is the Pocket Referee? This beautiful solid metal coin is imprinted with the Referee on the front and a treasure chest on the back. The instructions for it's use are embossed on each side. “Get the Choice - Pass the Coin” and “Pass the Choice - Keep the Coin”. It is designed to feel like the authentic treasure that it will quickly become.
How does it work? Two Children Upon receiving the coin, a decision must be made as to who the first “holder” will be. If you choose, you may flip the coin to make this decision. This is the ONLY time the coin will need to be flipped. When a dispute arises, the holder of the coin gets to have his or her way, but then must pass the coin to the other participant. Alternatively, the holder of the coin may choose to let his competitor have his or her way so that he can keep the coin for later, and perhaps a more important decision.
Three Children In order to use the Pocket Referee with three kids, both the antique brass coin and the gold coin are required. Two of the kids will hold one of each coin at any given time. (pulling names from a hat may be a good way to start) The gold coin will have a greater value.
In the case where a conflict arises between the two who both have a coin, the holder of the gold coin will get to choose how the conflict ends. If she/he choses to keep the coin and give the choice away, then the other child who gets the choice has to give his/her antique coin to the third (non-coin holder) child.
If the the gold coin holder chooses the choice she will give the gold coin to the child she's in conflict with and the antique coin will go to the child with no coin.
What else does it do?
Empowerment It gives kids the power to settle their own disputes without adult intervention. No one has to be the “cry baby” who reports to their parents to get what is fair.
Deferred Gratification Kids tend to be focused on the “right now” without too much concern about what happens in the future. Having the choice of now or later helps them understand that something later may be better than something “right now”.
Keeps the Peace Now when a conflict arrises all mom, dad or grandma has to ask is, “Who has the Ref?” And the kids can quietly work out the issue on their own.
Does it work for more than three?
YES. As long as one of the parties of the conflict is the holder it can work with multiple persons and be passed among them.
Who is it for? Dr. Vraney with his girls all grown up
Originally designed by a frustrated father for his two very competitive daughters to address their sibling rivalry, The Pocket Referee is intended primarily for children, siblings or close friends who tend to find innumerable reasons to fight over things such as whose turn it is on the computer, what flavor of ice cream to buy, or what program to watch on television. It is designed so that mom, dad or grandparents aren't constantly made into the bad guy by settling the dispute in favor of one or the other.
When is it used? Use the Referee any time there is a conflict. Keep one in the car or at grandma's house. Use it at the grocery store, toy store, restaurant, or whenever conflicts and choices present themselves. The Referee eliminates the “bully” factor that may favor the stronger competitor and is always fair. No more complaining about who got to make the last decision. The holder of the coin gets to make the next decision. Period.
Why use the authentic Pocket Referee?
Desirability The Pocket Referee has gone through a variety of mintings to arrive at the size, weight and texture that kids (and adults) find irresistable. There is a natural tendency to value this coin and recognize its desirability. This particular coin, especially when paired with its protective pouch and handy carrying clip, is much less likely to be lost or misplaced.
Credibility The Pocket Referee has been built on years of use and experience. Getting kids acceptance of a product is often based on the source, and let's face it, our kids often think that anything their parents come up with is “lame.”
Giftability Whether it's a gift for your kids or for your grandchildren or for a friend's family, the presentation of this product, with its background, packaging and instructions is something that is likely to be used and appreciated.
Safety tested!
We share your concerns about children's product safety and for that reason we have ensured all of our products are tested for safety. Also, we have gone to the added expense of ensuring our products and assembled and packaged in the US.
And...we put a tiny bit of The Doctor's patented kid magic into every coin.