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Mommy and Me Giveaways

By Kristen Jeffery  
Posted: 04/26/11

Sibling Rivalry?  Never happens right?  Wrong.  All siblings argue.

Now there is an easy and fair solution and it fits into your pocket.  And it is shiny (because that is very important).

There truly is no downside to using this.

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Mom and Dad reviews

By Samantha Dull
Posted: 04/11/11

The Pocket Referee gives kids the power to settle their own disputes without adult intervention. No one has to be the “cry baby” who reports to their parents to get what is fair.

Kids tend to be focused on the “right now” without too much concern about what happens in the future. Having the choice of now or later helps them understand that something later may be better than something “right now”.

While Little Brother is too younger to currently understand this concept - Big Brother fully understands it and for now - it’s kept in either his possesion or one of ours. It’s really helped Big Brother feel like he has a voice in this family in what we do.

We’ve already made up our minds to not get in the middle of their disagreements, they have to ‘deal with it’ themselves. Works for us - and The Pocket Referee goes along perfectly with our parenting philosophy!! We love The Pocket Referee!!

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Mom Vantage

By Jesse
Posted: 01/25/11

With the afterglow of the holidays all gone, and the kids surrounded by a mound of new toys, I knew that sharing was going to be an instant issue. While my kids share and play together pretty nice most of the time, there is just something about a new toy or game that gets them a little frazzled.

I had the opportunity to try out The Pocket Referee. I was really excited about the concept, but a little bummed when I realized that Ian was not old enough to hold onto the coin and make a decision about his turn. But I still wanted to give it a try.

I modified the rules a little bit to make it work for us, and I am so happy that I did! Instead of switching the coin back and forth, we flip it. Violet chooses if she wants "heads or tails" and then if it lands on her side, she gets to pick if she wants to play first, or let Ian play first. If it lands on Ian's side, he gets the first turn. This has been WONDERFUL!

Many of the fights over toys in our house start over who gets to take a turn first. I don't always know who actually picked up the toy first, so it makes it hard to go that route. The coin has solved many melt downs in the past couple of weeks.

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My Springfield Mommy

By Margie Brill
Posted: 01/13/11

Are your children frequently bickering & arguing over little things? Are you constantly having to step in to settle their issues and end up being the "bad parent"? Well the Pocket Referee just might be the solution to your problem!

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A Review and Giveaway

By Erin Amundsen
Posted: 01/09/11

There are not many things that cause my daughters to get along. I wish I knew why that was but while they love each other it seems like most days they don't like each other very much at all. It could be the 4 year difference in age or it could just be that they are insanely stubborn and head strong. Take your pick. The Pocket Referee has really helped them start to get along better. My 7 year old is making a conscious effort to decide if it is worth fighting with the 3 year old. The 3 year old is still struggling with the basic concept but at least now I can usually help her understand that she needs to decide if she would rather keep the coin or give it up for awhile.

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By Paul Banas
Posted: 01/07/11

We like the Pocket Referee. It's a very, simple low-tech solution to one of the worst part of being a parent: having to continually play King Solomon to children arguing over whose turn it is, or who gets the last cookie. It's no fun to listen to them whine, and never enjoyable to deal with the child who is disappointed.

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A Place For Everything

By Laura Franklin
Posted: 01/05/11

When I received our Pocket Referee I immediately opened it and handed it out to my son first. I found it very easy to explain the use of the The Pocket Referee to both my children. I instantly noticed a difference in my kids. My son loved the coin and he really made tough decisions so that he could keep possession of the coin. I had never seen him pass on some of the things he normally would try to argue about.

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By Carol Harlow
Posted: 01/05/11

The Pocket Referee gives everyone the same opportunity. No more feeling of being bullied with the Ref on your side. No need for kids to make Mom the bad guy by always having to take someone's side.

I have used the Pocket Referee with the little ones that I baby sit the last couple of days and it has worked really well. I'm happy to say that we have not had any tantrums since trying it out!

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Outnumbered 3-1

By Melissa Williams
Posted: 12/13/2010

Having two boys only 2 years and 3 months apart, I hear constant arguing. Sometimes it just gets sickening because it really doesn't end. They mess with each other it seems just to get a rise out of the other.

That's why The Pocket Referee is a great tool to have in my household. It helps to settle some of those stupid disputes between them, instead of me having to get in the middle.

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Moms Wear Your Tees

The Pocket Referee Helps Stop Your Childrens Fighting and Settles Disputes For You

By Scarlet Paolicchi
Posted: 12/10/10

My kids were impressed when I showed them the package and explained how they could use the Pocket Referee to solve their own disagreements and help them figure out whose turn it is to do something. They really love the clip so they can take possession of the coin from each other and clip it on their belt loops. The Pocket Referee has also gotten some major recognition and earned some awards!

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According to Rachel

The Pocket Referee!

By Princess Rachel
Posted: 12/8/2010

I bet you are wondering what this is? Well I had the opportunity to find out. And boy am I glad that I did. My kids have been fighting so much lately about anything and everything that I thought I was going to lose my mind. Its mama this and mama that. The whole time I am around them. But the last few weeks have been wonderful. I really don't think I have heard any arguing over who wants to do what at all since I gave them The Pocket Referee.

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The IE

Create a Calmer Christmas with the Pocket Referee

By Christine Fernandez
Posted: 11/30/2010

Do you really want to know what I think? Yes?

Ok...Where has this been? What a great idea!! I love it!! It is a God-send to the IE Family household! Whew! Pocket Referee is slowly changing this pattern of interaction between my children. Pocket Referee is a coin that provides your children control over their situations.

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The Pocket Referee Review

By Stefany Thode
Posted: 11/23/2010

Oh my! It is that time of year. The kids will be home more due to school breaks. They will be getting new toys that they will need to share. They will need to be together more than is usual. In my house, that means arguments and differences of opinions throughout the days.

Thank goodness for a new product, the Pocket Referee! This is a very simple concept and one that any child can catch on to. The Pocket Referee is a coin that can be used to settle disputes with your children in a way that is both easier on the kids and parents, but also is fair.

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Open Sky Product Spotlight
By Amy Barseghian
Posted: 9/29/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
Regardless of how hard parents try, sibling rivalry is just part of how life plays out. On days when I am ready to throw in the towel, I try to remember that some amount is normal. However, just because it is normal does not mean that it has to become an accepted behavior.

Enter The Pocket Referee. A coin that is imprinted with the Referee on one side and a treasure chest on the other. The instructions for use are imprinted on the sides: "Get the Choice-Pass the Coin" and Pass the Choice - Keep the Coin". It is as simple as that. When a problem arises, the person who has the coin...aka The Pocket Referee...gets to make the choice of how to handle it. (To read more on how to determine who starts having the coin and how to use it with more than two children, read here.)

The Pocket Referee empowers children to engage in their own decision making, thus removing parents and other adults as the mediator in the process. By doing this, it also removes the reinforcement an adult response may provide to less than desirable behaviors like tattling and whining. You may in fact notice a decrease in the instances where things can't be worked out just because of this alone.
Wendy Young LMSW, BCD
Child and Family Therapist
Founder of Kidlutions
Kidlutions: Preferred Product Award
By Wendy Young
Posted: 9/20/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
Once upon a time there was a dad. His name was George Vraney...and like many dads, he tired easily of the stress and strain caused by whining, bickering, arguing and complaining. So, he swung into action, finding a way to stymie the insanity and restore peace to his kingdom. And it was very good.

Fast forward several years and the peace in the kingdom comes to a screeching halt. Grandchildren enter stage left and the age-old sibling squabbles takes up with a new generation. Jennifer recalls the "magic coin" her father had invented decades earlier and she and her dad set out to not only restore the peace to their own kingdom, but to neighboring kingdoms across the land. The birth of The Pocket Referee heralded the beginning of restored order to lands near and far...well, at least as far as the ear can hear!

Ramblings by Nicole
Pocket Referee-Review and Giveaway
By Nicole
Posted: 8/27/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
Right now my kids are at the age where they absolutely love each other and it's just so sweet!!! (or rather, Amber adores Tyler--he allows her to smother him with affection because he doesn't have much choice--haha!) From having a brother who was 2 years younger than me, though, I know that it's only a matter of time till the hugs and kisses turn into tattling and fights--not so much looking forward to that day!!!

Luckily for me I found out about an amazing product that will hopefully stop most conflicts before they even start. I think it's one of the most *brilliant* ideas I've ever heard of--kind of a DUH why didn't I think of that??? one. :) Behold-- The Pocket Referee!

Behold-- The Pocket Referee! Here's how it works and a little information behind it that was sent to me: "My dad invented a version of it 30 years ago to use with my sister and me and it worked wonders. We are two years apart and if one of us wanted something (like pushing the elevator button or sitting in the front seat of the car) inevitably the other wanted the same thing. Clearly only one of us could have our way and my dad was fed up with having to mediate all these "important" issues and remember who got what the last time to be as fair as possible.

With the Pocket Referee, the parent can choose how much or little interaction they'd like to have in the process and can also choose to have no part of it all. It offers kids a win-win situation and helps to give them perspective on the importance of what they're asking for."

Completely brilliant concept right?! To find out more about it and how it works be sure to check out their website. We were sent regular and special edition to review. Both are super cute, great quality, and come with super cute designs on them and a special little pouch to carry it around in. I can definitely see kids getting excited about them! And I'm excited about the headaches it's going to save me from having to deal with!
Cleveland Moms Like Me
My review of The Pocket Referee
By Donna1979
Posted: 8/22/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
The Pocket Referee is a super cute way to help siblings settle their own arguments without making mom or dad "the bad guy!" It is a gold coin that comes with a velvet carrying pouch and clip to clip onto a belt buckle.

To start, you flip the coin to see who will be the first to have it. The winner of the coin toss gets to keep the coin until a conflict comes up. He/she then has the power to get his/her way but then has to pass the coin to a sibling therefore allowing him/her to have the power during the next conflict.
The Baby Bottome Line
My review of The Pocket Referee
By Lise
Posted: 8/4/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
I got to try out a Pocket Referee! You're probably thinking.. huh...what is it?'s a coin...designed to give kids (and a fun way of taking turns of "who's right"... and it makes it fair too!
Between the Lines
My review of The Pocket Referee
By Kel
Posted: 6/9/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
With summer starting and all the kids home from school, I have the perfect product for you! The Pocket Referee! The Pocket Referee is a great tool that was created about 30 years ago by George Vraney to help his children learn the importance of compromising. In 2006, George teamed up with his daughter Jennifer to create the Vraney Inc., in order to share this great product with the world.

My girls love that the coin comes with its own cute bag with a carabineer. The coin holder holds the power to make a final decision. Kids can’t decide which game to play next? Let the coin holder make the choice. Once they make their decision, they must pass the coin to their sibling so they can be the new coin holder. If the coin holder doesn’t want to waste their turn on this particular argument, they must pass the choice to their sibling, but they get to keep the coin.
Workit Mom
Affordable Luxuries
My review of The Pocket Referee
By Lylah
Posted: 1/22/2010 10:39:06 PM PST
Affordable Luxuries

The Pocket Referee seems like a product for kids, but really, it’s for moms, too, because it’s a real sanity saver. It takes the idea of flipping a coin to make a choice and brings it to the next level: Helping kids solve their own disputes. Flip the solid-metal coin to decide who gets to hold on to it first; when a conflict comes up (and they’re kids, so a conflict will come up), the person holding the coin gets to have his or her way and pass the coin to the other person, or keep the coin and let the other person have his or her way instead.

$12.95 at
The Marin Independent Journal
San Rafael Father and Daughter Draw on Family History to Create Coin Called Pocket Referee
By Paul Liberatore
Posted: 12/21/2009 10:39:06 PM PST
Jennifer Vraney and her father, George Vraney, are marketing a novelty coin called The Pocket Referee. The Pocket Referee is designed to help children settle more disputes without involving their parents. When Jennifer Vraney was growing up, she and her older sister, Amy, drove their father to distraction with their constant bickering and fighting.

"We would fight over absolutely everything," Vraney, a 38-year-old investment firm employee who lives in San Rafeal, recalled one recent afternoon. "A fight to us was, 'I want to push the elevator button!' 'No I want to push it!' It's the kind of thing that drives parents nuts. It drove our dad absolutely crazy."

Their father, George Vraney, now a semi-retired physician, had the solution in his pocket - an old, misshapen Spanish doubloon that he said had magical powers...