The Pocket Referee

Introducing the Peacemaker Let the Ref settle the dispute!
Our Company
Vraney, Inc. is a start-up company formed as a collaboration between a father and daughter with the goal of bringing families a simple tool to help keep the peace. A version of the Pocket Referee was created years ago by George Vraney for use with his daughters.
Jennifer Vraney with her kids, Brooke and Quinn George Vraney is a physician with creativity and energy to spare. Dr. Vraney created this concept roughly 30 years ago for use with his two daughters. Fifteen years later he had the opportunity to use the coin with his step-daughter and foster daughter. In both cases the kids thrived having this remarkable tool at their disposal. In 2006, Vraney Inc. was created to share this with the rest of the world.
Jennifer Vraney with her kids, Brooke and Quinn Jennifer Vraney comes from a business background. It's her job to help put in practice her father's creative ideas. As a child, Jennifer had the opportunity to use the coin with her sister Amy. Even though Amy was wiser and caught on to the strategy of the coin way before Jennifer did, both girls benefitted tremendously from having it (as did Dad, not having to mediate the many important conflicts that came up, like "I want to ride in the front seat" and "I get to push the elevator button this time"). As a mother of two, herself, she looks forward to the opportunity of using the Ref with her own kids.
The Vraney, Inc. team wants to help you add value to your family relationships by offering a fun and easy way to minimize day-to-day conflicts that arise.