The Pocket Referee

Introducing the Peacemaker Let the Ref settle the dispute!
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Do your kids seem to fight over everything? Of course they do. They're kids, and it's natural. Help them learn how to settle conflicts with this remarkably simple tool. The Pocket Referee provides kids a process to settle disputes on their own. It eliminates the need for mom or dad to intervene and be the “bad guy.” It also helps kids to learn about priorities and delayed gratification.
The Pocket Referee turns every conflict into a win-win situation.
Instructions for use.
Here's one example. Melanie and Donovan are fighting over what treat to get at the store. Melanie is the holder of the Pocket Referee so she gets to choose to let Donovan pick the treat (pass the choice and keep the coin) or she can choose to pick out the treat herself and give up the coin to Donovan (get the choice and pass the coin).


Get your way or get the Ref everytime
Keep one in the car
Keep one at Grandma's house